Question Answer
1. Who will create the project? RO will create project in Ministry.
PD will create project in NHAI.
GM (P) will create project in NHIDCL.
2. Who will enter Sanction Details in 3a? RO will enter in Ministry projects ;
PD in NHAI and
3. Who will enter LA location? RO/PD (EXEN PWD NH) both in Ministry ;
PD in NHAI and
4. Who will create CALA IDs? At the time of 3a notification, CALA Id will be generated automatically.
5. How will CALA get the login credentials? After publication of 3a notification, it will be sent on the entered mobile no. and mail id of the CALA.
6. Can the cases of consent purchase also be processed through the portal? Yes, It is available at RO end from Ministry and same in the case of NHAI and NHIDCL.
7. Can be upload the already published LA notification? Yes, there is a provision named "Legacy Data" to enter the already published notifications.
All (3a 3A 3D) published projects should be entered by
RO from Ministry side,
PD in NHAI and
*-------- 3A/3D (Must be enter from CALA in case of fresh proposal) ----------*
1. Who will provide the survey number and party details? CALA will provide.
2. Is there any provision to enter offline survey detail? Yes, there is a provision on portal to fill the data offline. From CALA side, go to "Download offline File" and enter the data into the sheet then go to "Upload Offline File" and finally upload it.
3. Can we upload the survey numbers village wise? Yes, from CALA side go to "Click to add multiple records" It will open all selected village list, then select village and enter the survey detail.
4. Who will create 3A/3D Notification? It will be generated automatically (Hindi & English) from CALA end.
5. How land party will get the compensation? Compensation will be processed through PFMS and will directly go to the land owner's account.
6. Can 3A be created directly without 3a? No, only after the completion of 3a, 3A & then 3D can be entered.
7. Corrigendum is available in this portal? Yes, 3A corrigendum is available after 3A notification.
8. Can objections be filed through portal? Yes, at the stage of 3A, party can file objections within 21 days of publication of the notification.
9. Can anyone see the movement of electronic file? Yes, all users who have login id and password can see the movement of file when they select project name.
10. Is send back option is available in LA portal? Yes, there is a provision to revert back the file. But it is available up to the Hon’ble minister level only and the user needs to sends a mail with a proper reason.
11. Does the details of all Villages sub-districts & Districts available? Yes, it is available as per census 2011 data. If there is some data missing in the portal, user can provide the data so that same can be added or updated in the portal (English/Hindi).
12. Does the land Party details editable? Yes, it is editable up to 3G level.
13. Does the PAN Number of land party required? No.
14. How do the users get the information about file movement? Through SMS/Email.
15. Does the OTP facility are available? Yes, it is available during final submission of file by user.
16. Does the land party name shall match with the bank account details of the beneficiary? Yes, CALA shall ensure that the land party name (as per revenue record) exactly match with the bank account detail(s) of the beneficiary, otherwise, PFMS would reject the payment file of concerned beneficiary.