Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
National Highways Excellence Awards 2021
Application Guidelines
  • Prior to starting the nomination process, candidates are strongly advised to check the Eligibility Checker on the nomination portal to confirm the categories for which their project is eligible.
  • Applicants who won in the 2020 award cycle would not be eligible to nominate the same project in the same category in the 2021 cycle. However, they may nominate winners from the previous cycle i.e 2020 in other applicable categories this year.
  • The applicants are required to create new registration IDs for this award cycle. The same registration ID may be used for multiple nominations.
  • All the information must be filled out in English.
  • The information and documents provided by the applicant must be accurate and valid.
  • Submit a scanned copy of the complete agreement along with all Schedules under Basic Details.
  • It is mandatory to submit the documents to validate the information.
  • Upload a signed undertaking that all the information shared in the application and documents have been verified by Authority Engineer/ Independent Engineer and approved by the concerned Regional Officer/ Project Director.
  • The documents must only be submitted in the specified format: PDF for reports and other correspondence documents, JPEG or PNG for images. Any electronic document in MS Word or similar format must be converted to PDF format for submission. Documents submitted in any file format or as compressed files (ZIP, RAR, etc.) will not be considered.
  • For the selected set of questions, there is a prescribed format. Please ensure data for those particular questions is strictly uploaded in the prescribed format only i.e No. of NCR issues and closed
  • Each document must be within the prescribed file size limit: Reports and other correspondence documents: 50 MB, images: 1 MB. Files exceeding the limit will not be accepted on the application portal.
  • The documents which have more than one page must be scanned and submitted as a single file.
  • In cases where more than one photograph has to be submitted, all photographs must be combined and submitted as a single file.
  • The scanned documents and images must be clear and legible with good resolution.
  • No ongoing project is allowed to nominate in NHEA 2021. Applicants having COD of the higway(s) are allowed to nominate themselves as per eligibility criteria for 2021. (To check eligibility of the project visit ‘Eligibility Checker’ tab on the NHEA 2021 portal)