Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
National Highways Excellence Awards 2020

Nomination Related

  • Who can submit a nomination?
    Answer.  Any authorised person from aHighway construction/maintenance focused organisation can nominate a National Highway project. The project must have been awarded to the organisation by the MoRTH/NHAI/NHIDCL.
  • Can on-going projects be nominated?
    Answer.   On-going projects are applicable for only one category: 1. Innovation
  • Where can I check my nomination status?
    Answer.   The shortlisted projects after each stage of the selection process will be informed via mail on their respective registered email addresses.
  • Does each category have a different selection criterion?
    Answer.   Yes, there are seven different nomination criteria to suit the respective categories. The eligibility can be checked by filling the details on the eligibility checker tab on the home page.
  • Can projects that were nominated last year be nominated this year?
    Answer.   Yes, but applicants who won in the previous years’ award cycle would not be eligible to nominate the same project in the same category in the 2019 cycle. However, they may nominate the previous year winning project in other applicable categories.
  • Can I send extra information about the project via mail for my nomination?
    Answer.   All your relevant information for your project MUST be included when you submit your nomination form online. Your nomination will only be judged by the information you have uploaded and submitted. If any extra information is required, we will directly contact the relevant company or individual that has been nominated.
  • How do I apply?
    Answer.   Firstly, check the eligibility criteria for the category you wish to nominate your project for by filling the details on eligibility checker tab. If the project is eligible, login using valid email credentials. Next, fill up the nomination form for the selected category and upload the specified documents against each question. Submit the form when completed, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • What happens after I submit my nomination?
    Answer.  After the nomination period is over, all submitted applications will be evaluated. The evaluation process is explained as below: Round I Document Review:Trained officialswill validate submitted data and documents to generate a preliminary score. Round II Field Assessment: On-site inspection will be conducted for shortlisted projects for corroboration of findings of Round I. Round III Jury Review: A team of sector experts will form a jury to review the results of rounds I & II, and select the final winners. Each round is an elimination round.
  • Can I apply for more than one category?
    Answer.   Yes, one project can be nominated in more than one category, if eligible, using the same login credentials.

Documents Related

  • Can you give me any advice on submitting the documents?
    Answer.   Before final submissionof the application, make sure you upload all specified document for your response. You can check the files uploaded by clicking the ‘view file’ option given below the ‘upload document’ option. Applications with insufficient/ outdated/ misleading information will be disqualified.
  • What supporting documentation should I provide?
    Answer.   The documents with most updated information to support your responsesshould be uploaded in the prescribed format (PDF/JPG/Exel). In the case of multiple documents, the most recent/updated document should be uploaded or all documents should be merged to form a single PDF file before uploading.
  • When is a self-declarationrequired?
    Answer.   If in caseno specific report/document is available to support the response, a self-declaration duly signed by an authorised individual(IE/AE/PD) needs to be submitted.
  • Do I need to submit my documents offline after applying?
    Answer.   The entire nomination process is conducted online via the nomination portal. Documents submitted via any other means will not be evaluated.
  • What if I submit a wrong document, by mistake?
    Answer.   You can edit the uploaded documents and replace them before submitting the application.